My two male piggies started fighting and it escalated to biting and I currently made a cage out of a dog crate but I m hoping someone on here has one they are willing to let go for cheap, or possibly give it to me and I can pay you when I get paid. TIA
Animal Name(s): Moppitt What is the species of animal(s)?: Rabbit What is the breed of animal(s)?: Flop ear? Estimated Age and Weight: 5 yrs Gender: Female Castrated: No Is the animal socialized with people?: Yes (Not Friendly) Describe any medical...
Maggie and Holly are 2 bonded New Zealand sisters. They love to play and love all foods that are nice for rabbits. Holly s fur is just a tad softer. They were born in November 2014. They are happy girls who need to be adopted together. They are learning to use their litter box. When you hold them up by your shoulder 1 like to give little nips. If you are interested in any of our rabbits contact...
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